The Martha Bassett Show

Pat Byrne / Minor Gold / Travis Williams Group

Thu, May 16, 2024
The Reeves Theater & Cafe

Pat Byrne


An Irish singer-songwriter, Pat Byrne has come a long way since his first deal with Universal. In late 2017, Byrne began his migration to Austin, Texas. In 2019, Pat took the US by storm, with breakout performances at the 30A Festival, SXSW, Kerrville Folk Festival and the Americana Festival. Being immersed in the Texas music scene, Pat's sophomore US release, Into the Light, has an edgier feel underscoring both emotional depth and greater confidence, while blending new influences with his rich Irish heritage.

“The raspy melodic soul of Byrne’s voice recalls the emotional spells the late Austin troubadour Jimmy LaFave used to cast, though Byrne’s songwriting bears a distinctive Irish stamp. He’s more contemporary than strict traditionalists, putting him more in the league of Glen Hansard or Luka Bloom.”

Peter Blackstock, The Austin American Statesman

“Pat Byrne lives in Austin and traffics in the kind of earnest roots rock championed by artists like Shakey Graves. His voice and songwriting chops show the reason he’s attracted a lot of attention. Look for a big second act from this artist.”

Tom Thornton, Riff Magazine

“The overall sound draws easy comparisons to modern gritty Americana artists like David Ramirez, Ryan Adams, and Jason Isbell. Byrne deserves to be in that company with his gritty vocal and poignant lyrical style.”

Ear to the Ground Music

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Minor Gold


Minor Gold are the new Americana-Folk duo featuring ARIA nominated artists Tracy McNeil & Dan Parsons.

 Having shared hundreds of stages together for the better part of a decade as respective songwriters and performers, ‘Minor Gold’ is the first official glimpse of this new bonafide songwriting team.

Living in a van in 2020, Parsons and McNeil hightailed it out of Victoria and up to Queensland in two days,  just in time to avoid being trapped for the Winter as the first lockdown occurred. Subsequently, the duo wrote the majority what would become their self-titled debut album, whilst holed up in the land of palm trees and perfect weather.

Their sound is replete with masterful harmonies, deft guitar playing with dynamics ranging from the intense restraint of campfire intimacy through to open throttle abandon. We hear the hedonistic groove of early 70’s cosmic Americana, the daydream haze of 60’s folk, and the power and romance of 80’s pop but despite the classic references of yore, it’s undeniably music written for the here and now.  

Minor Gold showcased in Kansas City USA at Folk Alliance International before returning to debut live at Port Fairy Folk Festival in March,  followed by an extensive National Australian Tour.

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Travis Williams Group


Travis Williams has spent more than 20 years working professionally as a bassist in North Carolina. However when stepping out on his own it was not the bass he would choose to play, it was another passion...the oud. 

The oud is an 11 string fretless lute mostly associated with traditional Arabic music. An instrument that captured Travis' imagination from the very first time he heard it.

It was the oud that inspired the formation of The Travis Williams Group. The band consists of five world class musicians playing original compositions influenced by traditional Arabic Maqam music, modern jazz, pop and rock, as well as world music from all over including African and Scandinavian music.

A true fusion of styles with the sole purpose of making music that people will connect with and that will mean something to them.

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