The Martha Bassett Show

Tyler Dodson / TBD

Thu, Sep 5, 2024

Tyler Dodson


Tyler Dodson is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, born in the foothills of the Sauratown mountains in Stokes County, North Carolina, whose musical journey weaves a tapestry of sounds and stories as eclectic as the South itself. From crafting soul-stirring melodies or exploring and sharing the depths of his own psyche, he remains steadfast in his commitment to the art of story. 
His eclectic musical tastes, ranging from the rebellious anthems of The Strokes to the raw poetry of master songwriters like John Prine, Guy Clark and Tom Petty, all the way to soul pioneers such as Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding, helped to shape his distinctive blend of Americana; some even referring to Dodson as a “country Bill Withers”.
Dodson’s first gig was at a Taco Bell/gas station combo in King, NC where he played for tips and tacos. Since then, he has played at “The Stage on Broadway” in Nashville, opened for musician / songwriter Sam Lewis, recorded with Scott Boyer in Muscle Shoals, and was an up and coming favorite at Shakori Hills Festival. Dodson has played stages big and small, and he’s come a long way since penning his first song in 3rd grade, “Just Don’t Care No More”.
Tyler Dodson’s music constructs simple stories into profound messages that shine light through the cracks of a collective human experience that are at once haunting and familiar. His debut album, “Live at the West Salem Public House”, recorded by EMR Recorders own Doug Williams (The Avett Brothers, David Via, The Wood Brothers etc.) is slated for release in 2024.

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